A photo of Kishan smiling.

Kishan Jadav

. I am a self-starter, dedicated and highly motivated full-stack Software Engineer with extensive technical background, adept at swiftly acquiring and leveraging new skills while building upon past experiences with efficiency and applying the industry's best practices.

24-year-old, born on August 8th in the beautiful city of Inhambane, Mozambique, currently residing in Leicester, United Kingdom. Growing up speaking Portuguese as my native language, I'm also fluent in English. You'll often find me immersed in the thrilling world of Formula 1, with Red Bull Racing being my favorite team. Apart from my passion for motorsports, I also have a keen interest in music (spotify playlist), football (favourite teams being FC Porto and Paris Saint-Germain FC), films, food, etcetera.


Logo of the "Exames Nacionais - Mo莽ambique" project.

Exames Nacionais - Mo莽ambique

A non-profit personal project supported by several students and teachers, with the aim of making it easier for Mozambican students to search for exams taken in previous years, whether from secondary education (with 10th and 12th Grade exams) or Higher education (entrance exams), to help them prepare for the exams that will take place in the coming years. This is the most downloaded and used Free Education app every year in Google Play Store Mozambique.

Logo of the "Laser Chess" project.

Laser Chess

A chess-like board game with lasers!

Logo of the "Kuots by Denise" project.

Kuots by Denise

A web application designed for Denise Samuel to seamlessly share her curated collection of favorite quotes with a wide audience.

Logo of the "Mare贸grafo" project.


Design and Construction of a Telemetric Hydrographic Station (Autonomous and with real time tracking capabilities).

Logo of the "CS50 Web - HarvardX course projects" project.

CS50 Web - HarvardX course projects

All of my CS50 Web Programming with Python and JavaScript course projects.

Color Visualization Tool

Visualize and compare a collection of hex, rgb, or hsl colors effortlessly.

Logo of the "Text URL Downloader" project.

Text URL Downloader

Download via text URLs on Chrome seamlessly by right-clicking any URL text on a website or pasting a URL directly into the extension's UI from the toolbar icon.

Logo of the "Universidade Pedag贸gica da Maxixe" project.

Universidade Pedag贸gica da Maxixe

The official Universidade Pedag贸gica da Maxixe's website. After over 2 years of being active since 2018, the development of this website has been discontinued and shut-down. This decision stems from my relocation from Mozambique and the subsequent lack of time available for its maintenance. The link provided here is an archived snapshot of the website taken by archive.org.

Logo of the "Prazos" project.


Simplify your product expiration date tracking with ease. Get notified in advance when a product is nearing its expiration date.

Logo of the "Universidade Pegag贸gica Engenheiros" project.

Universidade Pegag贸gica Engenheiros

A private collaborative platform for sharing academic documents among fellow civil engineering colleagues at Universidade Pedag贸gica da Maxixe back when I was studying there.



A work-in-progress Mozambican Exams data extraction tool w/ Machine Learning.


Easy to use parsers and validators for mozambican (馃嚥馃嚳) data-type formatted strings.


A beautiful dark theme for Hyper terminal.


Open VS Code remotely connected to an SSH host and directory. A wrapper around `code --remote ...`.

Logo of the "Easy Terminal Zoom extension for VS Code" project.

Easy Terminal Zoom extension for VS Code

VS Code extension to control the terminal's font-size with keyboard shortcuts when the terminal is focused.


Ruby script to convert any image(s) into the Apple Portrait recognized format.


A beautifully crafted Android dialog library.


An Android view library that provides state controlled rendered views. Common use-case would be in a RecyclerView for example, to display an alternative view when there is no data in the list, otherwise display the actual list items.


An Android view library crafted to display a letter within various shapes, offering options for circular, rounded, and square configurations.


An Android view library for an easy to use and customizable circular progress indicator.


An Android view library for an easy to use and customizable horizontal bar chart, for example, to display the storage capacity of a device.


An Android view library for easily implementing a selectable list (single/multiple) on a bottom sheet dialog.


A NodeJS library for fast implementation and manipulation of key-value pairs.

Logo of the "Calculadora de Megas" project.

Calculadora de Megas

(en: Data calculator) The lazy man's effective internet data pack calculator. Please note that the app is in Mozambican Portuguese.