Kishan Nareshpal Jadav.

classic human being, self-taught dev & always learning new things.

🤵🏻 Personal Information


Who am i? Adaptable, Confident, hardworking and conscientious. Experienced Web Developer adept in basic and advanced web and mobile software development. Knowledgeable in user interface and debugging processes. Bringing forth expertise in design, installation and maintenance of web and mobile systems. Equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set. Proficient in an assortment of technologies you can find bellow.
Where am i from? 🇲🇿 [Inhambane, Mozambique].
Where am i now? 🇬🇧 [Leicester, United Kingdom].
year old.
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🟡 HTML 5
🟡 JavaScript | NodeJS | ES6+
🟡 TypeScript
🟡 Java
🟡 Kotlin
🟡 Git
🟡 Python
🟡 Flutter
🟡 Swift (iOS)
🟡 C++ (Arduino)

⚪️ ExpressJs (JavaScript)
⚪️ ReactJS (JavaScript)
⚪️ jQuery (JavaScript)
⚪️ Flask (Python)
⚪️ Django (Python)
⚪️ Laravel (PHP)

MongoDB (NoSQL)

Webpack bundler 4|5

Favorite IDE's
Visual Studio Code
All Jetbrains IDE's
GNU nano (I love it because it's: fast. simple. succint)
VIM: the ubiquitous text editor (basics :w)


Instagram Direct: @kishannareshpal.

Recent Projects

My Open Source libraries/packages!

All libraries or packages source code, installation and usage guide are available on my GitHub page:

Laser Chess

Status: In production
To be available as a Web game | See more at:

An open-source web board game, much like chess but with lasers!

CS50 Web – HarvardX course projects

Completed 2021 | See more at:

All my course projects of CS50 Web Programming with Python and JavaScript, an online course I took from Harvard University.


Color Visualization Tool

Web app | Available via the website:

Got a bunch of hex, rgb or hsl colors that you need to visualize and see how they look compared to each other? You sir/ma'am, have found the right tool!

Open the tool

Text URL Downloader

Chrome Extension | Available on the Chrome Webstore.

A chrome extension for downloading via text urls on chrome by simply right clicking a url text on any website or pasting in a url on the extension ui from the icon on the toolbar.

Chrome Webstore

KUOTS by Denise Samuel

Web page | Available via the website:

A place where Denise Samuel can share her favorites quotes with everyone.

Go to Website

Universidade Pedagógica da Maxixe – UniSaF

Web page | Available via the website:

Oficial Universidade Pedagógica da Maxixe's website.


Exames Moçambique

Application | Available via the android app or the website:

A simple app made for all students in Mozambique to ease their search for past exams of all years and disciplines.

Android Web App

Prazos – Controle de validade

Application | Available via an android app.

Product expiration date control has never been so simple and easy. This app notifies you when a product is about to expire some days before.


UP Engenheiros

Web app | Available via a website.

Platform for sharing academic documents between us, colleagues of civil eng. on my university (Universidade Pedagógica da Maxixe).